Bug Submission via Email

Embedded Form

The embedded form is an easy way to integrate Clearbugs with your website.  We’ll take care of building the form, validating the input and submitting the data to your Clearbugs account.

All you need is to define the values of the following inside clearbug() : project’s token, type of form, and the size of the text area.

Example (Code sample uses jquery):

‘token’: ‘<project_token>’,
‘form’: ‘advanced’,
‘textarea’: {
‘rows’: 7,
‘cols’: 51,

The project token can be found in the Admin Settings under the Project tab. Form values can either be simple or advanced. A simple form only contains a text area. The advanced form contains a text area, requested by field, and a check box for email notification.

Note: The embedded form requires jquery version 1.9 and up. You also need to include the JavaScript file found at http://app1.clearbugs.com/api/js/clearbugs.api.min.js and the css file found at http://app1.clearbugs.com/api/css/clearbugs.api.css.


Email Submission

Bug and Feature Requests can be submitted via email. Just send an email with the bug and feature description to bug+<token>@clearbugs.com or feature+<token>@clearbugs.com.  An email notification is sent back to the submitter upon creation of the bug and feature request.  Replies to the email notification are added as Notes to the bug and feature request.

Note: The email address with the token can be found by going to the Admin Settings and going to the Email Submission tab.