Bug tracking is essential to software development

When I started programing many years ago, I only developed for myself. I didn’t care about tracking bugs because I could sift through my code faster than I could type, so I knew exactly where the bugs were, and I didn’t need an extra tool and process to document my fixes. That was the naivete of my youth and as I grew and learned from my own experiences as well as learning from mentors and experienced developers, I learned that for software to evolve into a disciplined engineered product, there has to be processes in place to track bugs, defects and enhancements.

Fast forward 20 years later and our team in Akubo has built Clearbugs, an internal project we’ve been building the last few years, and it is the best bug tracking system for solo and small team developers. We have small development teams in Akubo and the larger bug tracking systems just didn’t feel right for us. We wanted a software tool that felt like it was really designed just for us, for small teams who can pivot quickly when plans change, and we didn’t want any extra features that we would never use.

Clearbugs allows us to track and record each bug or enhancement request with all the information we need so that every person in the team can see what the problem or enhancement is about. From recording the bug, we can then assign it to one or more developers and track the status as it progresses to a fix, assigned for review and eventually closed, or deferred to a future date.

It is essential to have a central bug and feature enhancements database that everyone in the team can easily access from anywhere and from any device. The database also becomes a tool for management to use in assigning tasks and monitoring the bug and enhancement lifecycle as it’s recorded in the database, assigned, prioritized, discussed, fixed, reviewed and eventually closed or deferred to a future date.

We have used Clearbugs with teams that work in multiple locations and it is the vital backbone of our software development process. We track everything from the files that get changed, to screenshots that show how the bug is manifested, to files that are relevant to the bug or enhancement, to who submitted the bug or enhancement request, to related bugs or enhancement requests already reported in clearbugs and any other information that would help us resolve the issue at hand.

For bug tracking that is simple, efficient and built for folks just like us — small teams, freelancers, and app developers, think Clearbugs!

Robin Abello, Founder