Writing software is really more than just a job: it’s a passion, and we love being part of that.

We built Clearbugs for folks like us — small teams, freelancers, app developers who often work solo, who still need to track issues in their code and interact with customers. And at the core of Clearbugs is its simplicity. No bells and whistles, no complex features, no sugarcoating.

Clearbugs comes from the team behind Akubo.

Robin Abello

Robin is a social and technology entrepreneur with a passion for using technology to positively affect lives. Robin also founded Akubo, a cloud-based CRM used by nonprofits and small businesses worldwide.

Ronilo Penero Jr.
Software Engineer

Ronilo is a B.S. Computer Engineering graduate from the University of St. La Salle and currently leading the code development at Clearbugs. He is an avid fan of anything mechantronics and likes to work on hobby projects during his free time.

Lucky Alvin Casipe
Software Engineer

Lucky is a B.S. Computer Science graduate from the University of St. La Salle. His work involves working on the code development for Clearbugs as well as other Akubo collaborative projects.

Joy Martir
Graphic Designer

A Communications graduate, Joy writes content and takes care of the UI/graphic design for various projects. She normally works faster when good music is played in the office and likes to play Pottermore during breaks.

Mila Fe Biazon
Graphic Designer

Mila Fe is in charge with UI/graphic design alongside Joy. An Information Technology graduate, Mile Fe’s forte lies more in designing and implementing layouts for websites not only for clearbugs, but also for Akubo’s collaborative projects.