Personal Notes
Add your personal notes on a bug feature or task. Keep track of important information and access them personally
File Upload
upload files and images and attach them
to a bug, feature or task for better organization
Email Submission
Give non team members the ability to add bugs and features simply by sending an email to a dedicated email address for the application
User Roles
Define your team members' roles. Assign the right jobs to the right people
Generate statistical reports of your team's work. See the big picture regarding open tasks and team progress.
Web Forms
Allow customers and other non developers to submit a bug or a feature request using online webforms
Create your own documentation and collaborate with your team. Get your team up-to-date with the latest changes in your system
Project Schedule
Automate project schedule creation simply by adding a bug feature or task
Github integration
Keep track of commits and changed files pushed to github on a per issue basis with Clearbugs GitHub Integration.
Filenames and Tables
Track changes in files and database tables with ease by binding the filenames and table names in bug notes
Slack Integration
Get notified first hand as soon as a bug, feature or task is added or updated in Clearbugs through Slack using Slack Integration
Add Bugs Features and Tasks
Add bugs and features in a faster and easier approach. Organize assign and prioritize bugs and features in a simpler approach

Clearbugs is a beautifully simple bug tracking system made for solo and
small team developers.

Small teams, big results

We built Clearbugs for folks like us, who prefer less complicated bug tracking tools that are just as powerful.

Simplicity is efficiency

Clearbugs is built and designed on the philosophy that less is more. No complicated and unnecessary features here.

Organize with Ease

Clearbugs eases the planning and organization process so you can do more
work with less effort