Specific Features

Requested by

When you add a bug/feature, you can type the name, email address, and organization of the person who reported it.



Tags describes a bug/feature. Once a tag has been typed, Clearbugs remembers it for future references.


Assign to

After creating a bug/feature, you can assign a user to fix it by checking the box beside the name.


File name

For better understanding between users, you can type in the specific name of the file that contains bugs or needs an additional feature. Simply click on the bug/feature and enter the file name under the Notes/Files tab.


Table names

You can enter the table name that has bugs or needs a feature, under the Filenames label in the Notes/Files tab.


Private Notes

Privates notes are only available to you (the user). To write a private note, click on the bug/feature and go to the Private Note tab.



You can add files to a bug/feature. Simply click on the bug/feature, go to the Files tab, click upload file, and browse your computer for the file you want to add. Supported file formats are pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, pptx, potx, rtf, and txt.



You can also add images in the Notes section of a bug/feature. Clearbugs supports jpg, png, gif, jpeg, and pjpeg formats, and maximum size of 800 x 1000 pixels. Any uploaded image that exceeds the maximum size will automatically be resized.